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We are a Corporate Venture Capital fund that invests and empowers disruptive technological startups with a global impact, which seek scalability and want to expand their business, which also have the potential to impact the value chain of Sancor Seguros Group.

We are one of the innovation areas of the leading insurance group within the Argentinian market, which has been ahead for more than 75 years thanks to its ongoing search of a groundbreaking value proposition, which improves the quality of life of its more than 9 million insurance holders.

We want to promote new collaboration, networking and capital spaces within the entrepreneur ecosystem, to support new talents and help them unfold their growth potential. We believe that our region has a huge opportunity to develop its technological ecosystem, and we want to be part of that challenge adding significant value.

de asegurados
9.3 M
Insurance holders
In Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil
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Clorinda Mántaras

Clorinda Mántaras

Managing Partner linkedin icon
Cristián Savid

Cristián Savid

Head of Scouting linkedin icon
María Eugenia Elorza

María Eugenia Elorza

Financial Manager linkedin icon
Micaela Rambaudo

Micaela Rambaudo

Community and Alliances linkedin icon


SIMA was born 8 years ago as a dream of a group of friends that had to collect, manually, agronomic data from a crop field. This task was the beginning of new ways of monitoring a farmer daily work.
This is how this smart agriculture solution from this team committed to digital transformation arises. SIMA's platform allows farmers to monitor crops, geolocate data and analyze all kinds of information from their smartphones.
Ensuro is a decentralized capital provider for insurance risk which uses blockchain and smart contracts to curate competitive insurance portfolios, allowing anyone to invest in insurance risk and reap its benefits.
Chaindots is the first collaborative risk ecosystem that facilitates business. It's a digital ecosystem that allows large enterprises to connect, understand risk, and efficiently monitor their customers and suppliers, gaining agility, security, and scalability in their operations. Simultaneously, it empowers SMEs and startups to enhance their risk management, demonstrate their compliance levels, and easily access new business opportunities.


Microsoft Amazon EY Ideality Roads Rooftop Estudio Paolantonio Legón

We are looking for the best entrepreneur teams

In the verticals:

Insurtech Insurtech
Fintech Fintech
Healthtech Healthtech

which make an intensive use of high impact technologies,
such as:

check Big data
check Internet of Things
check Blockchain
check Artificial Intelligence
check Robotics


Early stage
(seed or series A)


Investing mainly on entrepreneurs
from Latin America

Value Proposition

Teamwork, empathy and conviction

We want to be a holistic partner and help entrepreneurs in a strategic and comprehensive way, building - together- a sustainable and healthy growth plan.


Investment size: U$S 10M fund size, to invest in tickets between U$S 250k - U$S 500k. Reserving 35% of total fund to follow-on investments.

Alliances network

We facilitate our connection to Sancor Seguros Group ecosystem, encouraging them to be part of the biggest network of partners and allies.


In addition to capital, we provide first-hand expertise and strategy insights from our team and mentors, who love working alongside with entrepreneurs.

We apply a business model focused 100% in strategy, operational execution, teams and products development, growth, technology, networks, marketing, fundraising, and more.

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